• Direct Representation

    We have more than twenty years combined experience lobbying the Alabama Legislature. Representing a wide array of associations and industries, we have developed a reputation as a trustworthy source for reliable information with a proven success record in positively affecting the legislative process in a manner that is beneficial to our clients.

  • Media and PR

    Media and Public Relations often provide a vital enhancement to a legislative agenda. We have managed all aspects of comprehensive media campaigns including media events, editorial board visits, op eds and letters to the editor.

  • Issue Management

    B&K has experience on comprehensive campaigns that include town hall meetings, district Congressional meetings, grassroots and media work. Alison Kinney was recognized twice by the Public Relations Council of Alabama, receiving the Award of Excellence for Issue/Crisis Management.

  • Federal Outreach

    Relationships with Alabama's Congressional Delegation, along with key staff contacts, allow us to provide clients with direct Congressional interaction. We have organized large association "fly-ins" as well as small district meetings on specific federal issues.

  • Economic Development

    Alabama is open for business and opportunities for corporations to enter the State or expand their existing business are fruitful. We can help you navigate through the complex process of receiving economic development incentives, maximizing the available assistance to make your economic development project a success.

Why Barton & Kinney, PC?

A Record of Results

success graph 2Barton & Kinney, PC (B&K) has over twenty years combined experience in Alabama politics with proven results for clients. B&K’s work focuses on direct lobbying of the Alabama Legislature and successful political consulting. B&K has a solid reputation for successfully representing clients and campaigns with controversial and complicated issues.

B&K’s vast legislative experience includes representing major corporations, trade associations and non-profits. The scope of work for these clients includes worker’s compensation, taxes, tort reform and healthcare mandates. B&K has been able to hold clients harmless, in a sometimes unfriendly environment.


Relationships Matter

Through more than twenty years combined experience representing clients before the Alabama Legislature, B&K Principals have earned the reputation among Members as being hardworking, reliable and trustworthy. These qualities have allowed us access to both Republican and Democratic legislators assuring that B&K’s clients and their positions will be given a fair hearing.



justice_scalesB&K understands the importance of ethical representation in the legislative process. B&K has a reputation for high standards, and both elected officials and our clients know that B&K Principals operate with integrity. At B&K, we believe that the conservative approach to ethics is best.

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